Fall lovers are happy. Hot animals are relieved. Training continues – even if a little less focused than usual for some. Despite COVID concerns people are working with me on goal setting and accomplishing things again.

person offering connection to horse

It’s also the only time in 2020 that the opportunity to join the Love The One You Are: Theory to Practice program will be available. There is space for three people to join.

What is this program you ask? It’s a group of people who have come together to take the theoretical information they know and work on applying it week in and week out to their own situation.

hands holding light words read "fear is a singular feeling, groatitude is both a feeling and a practice"

Limited in size there is an ability to access information the group has all kinds of people in it connected by a love for animals, and a passion for learning. Many are dog trainers – either by hobby or career and some work predominantly with horses in their animal world. Some aren’t trainers at all. We come from all walks of life which means a great range of perspectives is shared.

Some people participate daily. Others sit back and watch and learn that way. Both models are entirely welcome and appropriate!

We have a Facebook group and a classroom space where material gets stored for easy access. Joining us gives you access to past webinars and materials while you are a member. Membership is annual and renews ether for April or October. It is $597 a year (in Canadian funds!) which works out to roughly $10 a week.

We have frequent zoom calls to work through the things you need help with, webinars developed specifically for the group, smaller groups to make progress in specific areas and support – including gentle tough love when needed. A monthly yoga session just for group members is currently one of the activities we do. Members in this program can also access private 30 minute blocks with me for $30 instead of my usual hourly rate of $90, and the people in the program get priority access to me as well.

I wasn’t sure I was going to open the group at all in 2020 but someone asked me about it and I realized that there might be someone else looking for a supportive, caring and empowering place to hang out, grow and learn. If you think that might fill a need you have – please feel free to read more details here LTO:TIP.

We’d love to have you join us!