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Self paced

Cost: $127.00

This is Us: Working Together When Challenged

(by Self or Our Animal Partners)

In this course, you’ll discover:

Laid out over 6 weeks – you can take as long as you need to complete the work and exercises and come back to it as often as you need or want. 

Wondering how to deal with a tough dog or horse that isn’t what you hoped for? Finding training is work not joy and not sure why? Find your blocks and challenges through a systemic and organized system that will give you plenty of practical tools to apply when you are running on empty. Learn to better love yourself and your partner too. This course has both written and audio lectures available and activities to complete each week. There is a discussion forum for each topic and support available. 

 And much more… 

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Cost: $19.99

Think, Plan, Do PLUS 

In this webinar, you’ll discover how to most effectively use the Think, Plan, Do model (with some pluses you probably haven’t thought about!)

Andrea will break down each step of her model clearly and in little slices so you can start applying it to your training and your life immediately. 

Not sure which stage is blocking your progress? We’ll talk about it. Live audience members will be welcome to bring their questions and cases forward for an in-depth discussion of getting more accomplished. 

  • Each stage, carefully broken down with explicit tools to help you develop your strengths in the area. 
  •  Actionable tools to support your journey
  • Explanations of which tools work for which people/situations
  • Challenging questions to ask yourself.
  • Ways to stay the course, or change direction with grace. 
  • and more, much more … 

Bring an open mind, be prepared to ask your questions if you can join the live. 

Andrea’s got your back – and lots of ideas to share!!

And you’ll have permanent access to the recording, so you can return to this material whenever you need a quick refresher.


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Starts May 22

Self paced

Cost: $47.00

Effortless Action: Procrastinate No More

In Effortless Action, you’ll discover:

Do you procrastinate whenever you face a new project? Not anymore! Discover 4 ninja moves you can use to take action right away and stay on task. (You’ll be saying “Wow, this was easier than I thought!”) What does celebration have to do with procrastination? Everything! Learn how to tap this powerful energy source to keep progress high and your eyes on the prize…straight on through to completion.

Are you so overbooked that it’s causing procrastination? There’s a simple litmus test to tell if your goal is worth your time.

Why do you procrastinate even when you know it’s making life harder for yourself? Grab this “map” for a clean breakaway.

How to harness NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to enhance your focus, solve problems, think more creatively and boost motivation. (Especially helpful if you have ADD or similar brain wiring!)

Is your environment reinforcing your procrastination mindset and eroding your productivity? Here’s how to tell…and the real-world approach to eliminating distractions that squander your time and energy.

 And much more… 


Open NOW!

Cost: $47.00

You’ve Got 8,760 Hours in a Year: How to Make Them Count!

Join Andrea (and her helpers!)  in this special pilot program! 

Here you’ll discover how to: 

  • Uncover your vision for the future and translate your vision into concrete goals.
  • Ways to build riding and training time into your week – Setting priorities that will help you keep moving forward with your goals.
  • Conduct an audit to see where you spend most of your time and design an ideal weekly calendar for yourself.
  • Learn how to perform a weekly review to set yourself up for a productive week in which you work towards your goals.

Weekly check-ins, worksheets and working together will help you make sure you are on track for dreaming, planning, believing and accomplishing your goals! 





Transforming Stress (FREE) 

This webinar will challenge the belief that stress is inherently harmful to our health, and help you uncover new, more adaptive ways of thinking about and responding to stress. You’ll learn how to get better at coping with stress, and how to embrace the stress in our lives.  Specific actionable tools are discussed with plenty of real world examples and applications.  You will get immediate access to the recorded webinar when you enroll. 

This webinar is the brainchild of Jill Stoller who passed away at the end of November 2020.  It is a project we had been working on for about 7 months. 

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Grief and Loss (FREE) 

Grief is complicated. 

When we lose a loved one of any species we can feel very isolated and bereft. This little overview of grief is designed to give you tools, and terms, to help you process all the complicated emotions you may be feeling in the face of grief. 

There is a Cafe to sit and share a coffee, or tea, your favourite memories, coping mechanisms and your sadness too. 

No matter if you are a quiet member or an active participant you are welcome here. 


About Andrea

I help handlers and their animal companions find the joy in training and competing together... and being the best they can be! 

Whether you struggle with mental prep, planning, goal setting, or something else, together we will get your sails set the direction you want to go.