Learn to love the one you are

…and the one you’re with.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated with yourself, your equine or canine partner, I will help you de-stress and find  fun and success. Things in life getting in the way of being your best self?  You can work with me on that too. Let’s connect. 

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How I will help you

No matter if you use one of my books, my task cards, an online class or a private session or series, you will think about yourself and your partner in a way that may be new to you.  A positive approach to teamwork and self matters. Be the best partner you can be – not only for your canine or equine but for you too!

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Online Classes

Classes run year round for dog sport and horse people who want to get help on their head game. You can jump in at any time or wait for just the right class.

Private Coaching

Andrea works with a maximum of four private clients at any given time. Topics explored are wide and ranging – planning, personal goal setting, dealing with disappointment, grief, and more.

Workbooks & Task Cards

All of the items are created with you in mind! Task cards to give you dog training ideas and structure when you feel stuck. A workbook to learn about and process a gratitude practice and more!

Hi there!

I’m Andrea Harrison. I work with the human half of equine sport and dog sport teams when they find themselves struggling. My experiences as an educator, trainer, competitor and coach have given me insights and training that will help you.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been working hard with your animal companion, but often feel frustrated, or find yourself upset when you aren’t as successful as you would like. Or maybe you aren’t sure how to recover from errors or a negative comment someone makes. Perhaps nerves leave you in a cold sweat and prevent you from bringing your best game to the table!

It’s okay. You’re not alone.

I help people just like you learn to enjoy their relationships with their 4-legged friend again, or, as my students would say, “learn to love the one you’re with.”

Let’s work together so you can be the best partner possible.


What People Are Saying

“I have a sensitive dog who had been shutting down in the obedience and rally ring. My own ring nerves made things worse for her.

Andrea helped me understand my own feelings and emotions, and helped me see things through my dogs eyes also.

Then we mapped out a plan to make incremental changes. This process was instrumental in reconstructing us as ‘a team.’ And it is working!” Jill S.

“I bought the task cards on an impulse, and didn’t realise how useful they would turn out to be!

They are the perfect fit for trying to fit dog training into a busy lifestyle – whenever I have 5 minutes I can simply grab a card and go train, no fuss and no overthinking on what should I be doing (which for me is important!).” Liz L.

“Having taken several online classes with Andrea what impresses me most is her incredible breadth of knowledge and her wonderful, non-judgmental and caring attitude toward all of her students.

She has a seemingly endless wealth of references and links to share for any possible issue and has a gift for providing them at the right time and without expectations.” Abby S.

How I will help you

Students from all walks of life, with all sorts of goals come to me to learn, determine their focus and take positive steps to take control of their own life while pursuing their passions.

My common sense, no one tool approach fits everyone works no matter your personality type or specific sport. Together we will work to make the most of the strengths you have and develop new ones that will help you and your partner excel – in sports, and life!