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On-Demand Webinars – Just $4.99 for 30 minutes of information, education and actionable steps on a wide variety of topics! 

Intersections between Resilience, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness 

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This 30 minute test webinar is the first in the series of experiements. Spend time with Andrea looking at the way resilience, a growth mindset  and mindfulness intersect and can support you and your goals.  How can you improve in each of these domains and be best your best self in any moment? You know there are practical takeaways you can start applying as soon as the webinar concludes!

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda? Moving to ACTION!

On Demand Event Registration Always Open

This 30 minute on demand webinar is just the boost you need to get moving forward with a project or plans that have felt sticky and unactionable.

Procrastinators get specific and immediate implementable ideas to get going.

Get yourself unstuck and see what small changes to your habits, routines and thinking you can make that will empower you for action!

Hear This! The Art of Listening Well.

On Demand Event Registration Always Open

This 30 minute on-demand webinar explores what listening really is. We look at barriers to active listening, what active listening looks like, how it can help you and some key ways to improve your active listening skills!  It’s packed full of tips, techniques and information to help you be the best listener you can be!

Support An Awesome Project: The Alphabet Album 

I’ve been working since March – and then even more actively since May –  to find a way to amplify and raise voices we don’t get to hear often in the animal sports world. The first album is focused largely on dog sports, fitness, and training and networking, compassion, ethics and working together. If it works there will be more albums coming! With 30 people involved and 29 presentations (including some amazing panels) you want to join this project!

Each of the 29 singles is going to be amazing and will be sold individually but if you want to raise voices generally consider buying the entire album.  You can and will make a difference doing so! The boost to the hard work over the last months will be significant from each sale! Limited numbers of albums are available, so don’t miss out!


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Build a better bond with your companions, improve your focus and mental game, learn skills to make you a more effective compassionate animal and all round human.

About Andrea

I help handlers and their animal companions find the joy in training and competing together... and being the best they can be! 

Whether you struggle with mental prep, planning, goal setting, or something else, together we will get your sails set the direction you want to go.