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Gratitude matters 5.0 edition

365 days of gratitude for only $20 USD! 

This project delivers a daily email reminder to stop and reflect on gratitude each day for 365 days. Start when you want – finish 365 days later! The arrival of the email in your box is random and the message is as well. Each email is unique. there are a wide variety of prompts and images that encourage reflection. People loved it so much the first year it just keeps growing right into year 5. There are workbooks, and resources all designed to help you make a gratitude a more automatic reaction to life.

Dog Training Task Cards

Cost: $8.00 CAD

Does motivation get you down? Do you run out of steam part way through a training session?
Not sure how to start a session? Stuck for new ideas?

Dog training task cards to the rescue!

Break free of training ruts … put together a custom plan that suits your needs and training level – there is flexibility built right into the cards so you can take a step back or challenge yourself with ease

The cards are in an electronic book – 4 cards per page and black and white to make printing easy – print them, out – laminate them or print them on card stock and put them on a ring if it suits you!

Decks available:

Foundation Training
32 activities that will tighten up your training and let you focus on performance not planning.

Scent Work
32 activities that take the thinking out of setting hides and challenges to make nosework training easier on your own (or with a non dog helper who can set some hides for you!).

Barn Hunt Deck
28 cards to help you focus on a sport you and your dog love!

Self Care Deck
36 cards to you on draw when you are tired and need to be kind to yourself.

Play Book!
32 cards to help to choose a way to play or a play activity to add to your training plan. Food, personal and toy suggestions are all covered. Up your play game having fun with this deck!

Self Directed Time Management Course

Cost: $10 USD

Andrea wrote this little course as a way to test a platform – and enough people want it annually she’s kept it around!

Time Management not your strength? Work through 42 tips to help you figure out solutions that will work for you. Make more time so you can do more of the things you love to do! This is a largely self directed learning course. There are many discussion prompts and there is limited instructor support – your path through the class is your own. Share your ideas … and discover your struggles are real and you are human!

Workbook: Love the one you are (Digging inTo This Year with gusto!)

Cost: $10.00

This workbook is laid out to keep you on track through the year. With places for outcome and process goal setting, record keeping and 52 weekly prompts to guide your journey through a full year.  There are Tools and Tips pages to review some of the key concepts to keep you moving forwards.

The prompts are about and for you no matter if your goals are competition or personally focused you’ll find it useful!

Learning to love the one you are and the animal companions and partners that are part of your journey is a huge part of becoming successful – and feeling worthwhile.

It’s a digital book and buying a copy gives you the right to download it for your use and print one copy – if you love it and you want to share it with a friend please ask them to buy another copy so I can keep doing projects like this.


Love the one you are (With)

Cost: $10.00 US 
This book explores and explains the concept of gratitude. It’s also a journal – full of prompts and ideas to get you reflecting deeply about where you can find and appreciate joy, and your life.  There is science stuff, and touchy-feely stuff and everything in between.  Your thinking will evolve as you work through the book.

Learning to love the one you are and the animal companions and partners that are part of your journey is a huge part of becoming successful – and feeling worthwhile.

Finding joy in things when days are dark and difficult is not always easy.  Sometimes it can feel impossible. It’s a PDF and buying a copy gives you the right to download it for your use and print one copy – if you love it and you want to share it with a friend please buy another copy so we can keep doing projects like this.


Three month love the one you are journal

Cost:  depends on which amazon site you use  ( $9.99 US) 

Finally, something you don’t have to print yourself!

This journal/record keeping book is designed to be used in a variety of ways – each person will make it their own I am quite sure.  Many different pages to encourage reflection, planning and tracking of habits are interspersed through it to inspire you to reach for the stars!

Kathy just got hers  and couldn’t wait to report “Just got mine today and I LOVE the look of it!! Lots of fun and useful prompts for journaling/recording and tracking. And BONUS… it looks like much more that 3 months worth of pages!!! This just might be the year that I keep my self-promise to journal more!!!”



What People Are Saying

“I bought the task cards on an impulse, and didn’t realize how useful they would turn out to be!

They are the perfect fit for trying to fit dog training into a busy lifestyle — whenever I have 5 minutes I can simply grab a card and go train, no fuss and no overthinking on what should I be doing (which for me is important!).”

Liz L.

“I have gotten a great deal of benefit from working through her book, Love the One You Are (With). Whenever I have gotten stuck in regards to doing relationship with either one of my dogs, I work through the exercises in the book to help work through my thoughts and feelings and reframe.”
Diane H.

“Before working with Andrea I was struggling with always having one little thing that would keep us from being successful in the ring. It was usually because my mind would wander from our task and I’d lose focus.  I took “It’s All In Your Head” and the tools that I learned in that class have helped me become much more successful in the show ring, clearing my focus and grounding my anxieties.”
Aleks W.

About Andrea

I help handlers and their animal companions find the joy in training and competing together... and being the best they can be! 

Whether you struggle with mental prep, planning, goal setting, or something else, together we will get your sails set the direction you want to go.