Love the One You Are: Theory Into Practice!

Opening for the first time in a year! 

Join us and make this your best year yet!

Because you know the journey

to success never ends …

Becoming your best you takes time, energy and effort.  But you don’t have to go it alone.

Do you work hard to be the best partner for your dog, or horse, or both,  in all aspects of your life together?

Is it hard to figure out how to apply all that you learn to your situation?

Do you feel like you need more, better, focused support from positive people working just as hard as you?

You take classes, read and think (maybe even overthink) things.

Self-improvement and success are goals you hold dear and you know planning and reflection are important to making that happen.

But somehow, life keeps happening.

Goals pass unrealized,

and mindset tools you want to use slip to the side, unused.

Your toolbox isn’t always right for the situation you find yourself in and you aren’t sure what, or how, to add to it.

The world isn’t black and white …

Andrea coaching a young Rider mounted on a pony

and you need help navigating all the shades out there …

How can you take all the things you are learning, online, in person,

at classes, seminars, workshops, through podcasts, webinars

and books and make them stick?

How can you keep practicing, polishing and testing being the best you, and the best team possible?

Working in a supported and caring way to keep growing is hard;

that is why Love the One You Are: Theory to Practice program was created. 

It supports you, nurtures you, and keeps the amazing work you have been doing happening. 

Clarify your goals, make your dreams reality.

Aspirational, Inspirational people – working hard, together.

Improving month by month, and day by day.

By joining Love The One You Are: Theory to Practice you are making a commitment to working on yourself.

To honouring your partner, your passion and yourself.

To supporting each other in your journey and enriching your life. 

This annual program supports, encourages and keeps you on track for as long as you need.

No matter your dog or horse sport, or passion.

Struggling with getting training done? We’ll help.

Grieving the inevitable loss of loved partners? We’ve got that covered.

Limiting beliefs and negative thinking stopping you in your tracks?

Not for long.

Shame or fear stopping growth?

We’ll delve into your issues and blocks

positively and safely and figure out a plan for YOU. 

Andrea at her computer with Dora the terrier

What will you get each month?

Well, I am glad you asked!

You’ll get:

more committed to the relationship you want with your dog, or horse, (and people too)

the opportunity to test the tools you want to use in a safe, supportive collaborative way

reinforcement and encouragement to set and achieve aspirational goals for your team

a deeper understanding of the way people work, what motivates, inspires and blocks them (and you!)

time to train and do work in a structured planned and organized way accountability and celebration of successes

a chance to laugh (and cry) with people just like you – who want to see everyone succeed

More practically every month will include:

  • *a focus on a theme

(planning, accountability, grief, envy, success,

relationships, training, videoing, creativity,

excellence, issues, limiting beliefs, wellness,

self care and turning negative thinking around

are just some of the themes you have asked for so far!)

*personal support, answers and coaching weekly

on your own discussion thread or in the Facebook group ($45 value)

*a weekly live, or call, or office hours ($45-$90 value) 

*recorded webinars on a topics related to themes ($20 value),

*occasional caring calls where you get to be coached,

or, an interview with someone related to the topic,

or, a video lesson/ masterclass,

or, a challenge to boost your productivity/accountability,

or, readings and discussion ($90 value)

*co-working/training opportunities

(and yes – we’ll explain that and walk you through it) ($40 value)

*challenges to help you determine strategies to help

you achieve success in specific areas – determined by you! 

*access to a private Facebook group as well as

a class platform where the material is be stored

for access while you are enrolled (priceless!)

*access to 30 minutes of private work for $30

(instead of the usual $90 per hour rate) 

The total value of this alone is over $300 a month

but the reality is it’s priceless .. 

yet somehow the whole year is only

$597 Canadian  (less than $50 a month!!) … 

(I really need to revisit that!) 

And …

you knew there would be more

 as an added bonus… 

you get to access the previous class material for the time you are enrolled – we’ve looked at things like resilience, motivation, success, sleep, finances and more already! 

AND you’ll be added to the private FB group immediately!

Need to pay over three months? Head here for that option! 

While this intake formally starts October 1 (that is when you’ll get class access) you will be added to the private Facebook group when you join!

Wondering if this program is for you?

Despite struggling to explain what the program is

or how it works  currently over

80% of the members say it’s meeting their needs extremely or “very” well and 95% say they would be extremely or very likely to recommend this program to others

though they love it just the way it is! 

Read what people say about this program specifically 

“Thank you so so much. At a time when I needed this the absolute most, this program has come through for me in ways that I didn’t see coming.”  

“How this has helped has been surprising. … The group feels supportive and smart and encouraging. And your ability to be supportive and flexible and also to figure out how to help when everyone is coming from different places. I told some friends that this is the best course I have no idea how to describe.” 

“For the safe space community and access to you, it’s fantastic.” 

“Love the group. I feel very supported and I really appreciate it.” 

and about working with Andrea …

“It was Andrea’s training that helped me mentally
overcome the hurdle and become successful on a hard day!
I discovered that the anxiety and worry when I need to perform
is caused by a physiological response.
I have control over this (to an extent) and there are
skills and tricks that I can use to help control my heart racing and my mind from feeling foggy.
I also learned what I can do to help recharge myself.
That self-care isn’t a thing to feel guilty about,
but something that is crucial to being the best I can be.”
“I needed guidance and wisdom and support to see
what was right in front of me, to use what ‘tools’/knowledge
I already had and find my balance.
<I got it with Andrea> “
“I have learned so much from working with Andrea,
but one of the things I appreciate the most is the safe place
she is able to create. She has great skill in being with a
person wherever they happen to be and working
with them to whatever degree they are ready to work.”
“Andrea knows people, and she knows dogs and dog sports.
She is insightful and gentle and caring.
The mental aspect of dog training and dog sports is
often over-looked but is so critical for success.
Andrea’s expertise can make all the difference. “
“Most importantly, Andrea created a safe space
where it was impossible to say, think or feel the wrong thing.
The fact that she got the dog-related aspects of my struggles
made a big difference as well.” 
“My riding, my relationship with my horse,
and at my barn are more thoughtful and
working better – for me and for everyone around me –
thank you!”

I do hope you can join us! $597 (Canadian) one time,

or three $220 payments to invest in your future.

You ARE worth it. 

In case you missed the fancy button you can also sign up –