Private Work

Private coaching

Want to work through a block or challenge together?

Private coaching  with me is available! I will work with you through email and video conferencing — plus, you get your own private classroom to access articles and discussions.

I work with a max of 4 students at a time so there is always time for you and your needs. Most students work with me for 3-10 hours then check in once or twice a year for some support, or to get questions answered. Each of you truly is unique though – we’ll work in the way you need!  

Common topics covered include:



Organization and Time Management


Peaking Performance

Interviewing & Job Searches


Goal Setting and Planning


Getting Support

…and much more.

30 or 60-minute sessions are available. 

Emergency single sessions can always be arranged. 

Contact me to see if private work might be a solution for you!

How Private Coaching Works

The first step in private coaching is for you to email me and let me know you’re interested! In that email, it’s helpful if you can give me a little bit of background—tell me what you hope to accomplish and work on, and what you see as your biggest challenge. 

After you reach out to me, the two of us will confirm that private coaching is the right option for you, you’ll pay for the first hour of coaching and we’ll figure out a mutually convenient time to chat. 

I can set up a place to catch all of our notes, plus any helpful worksheets and articles. During that initial call we devise the right custom plan for you, based on your needs, your unique situation, and your personal goals. I’ll track my time, and let you know when time is running out (no unexpected charges here!). 

Sound like what you need? Contact me to get the process started! 

$90 CAD


About Andrea

I help handlers and their animal companions find the joy in training and competing together... and being the best they can be! 

Whether you struggle with mental prep, planning, goal setting, or something else, together we will get your sails set the direction you want to go.