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You. Got. This.

A Spotify playlist to lift you and support you. It’s ecclectic – but I avoided E ratings! 



Drinking From the Toilet: Episode #14

I was so  excited, and nervous! 

And Hannah’s first time ever having a guest she didn’t personally know! (We’ve remedied that since!)  From her show notes “If you’ve ever been guilty of overthinking your training, struggling with ring nerves, or generally freaking out about dog stuff… you’ll definitely be interested in our guest this week. She’s got good stuff!”  We talked a fair bit about gratitude as I had just started telling people about the Love The One You Are With Workbook!



FDSA Podcast: Episode #15

My very first FDSA podcast EVER!

Join Melissa and I as we chat about my courses, what I do with clients, ring nerves and much more.  Tool Talk with Andrea might be an alternate title for this one!!



Drinking From The toilet Podcast: Episode #43

Using Feedback 

Feedback, it matters. How can you use it? Does it really matter? And of course lots of little rabbit holes too!



FDSA Podcast: Episode #77

Motivation, Dealing with Failure and more 

Give us a listen! Self-checks, habit formation, being positive, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and more! Individuality, self care and my self help rant all make an appearance too!



FDSA Podcast: Episode #147

Setting Goals for 2020

Join Melissa and I as we explore record-keeping, humans doing, internal beliefs, building foundations, the power of fear and making mistakes, drilling down into goals and much more.



FDSA Podcast: Episode #281

The Human end of the leash

Join Melissa and I as we explore being our best selves, unlearning, boundaries, fear and so much more!!



Lead a Horse to Water: Episode #6

Developing a Growth Mindset 

Trudi Dempsey and I sit down to discuss how natural a growth mindset was for me (spoiler: NOT) and the advantages of being positive in a world that often isn’t. Lots of stories, laughs and tips to help with everything from getting along with others and managing your social media life … with lots in between! 


Soundcloud Tracks

Still a work in progress

I recorded a fair number of Soundcloud tracks to help a specific student who needed some guided meditation to reset. Explore them here. Sadly, they were before my fancy mic so the sound isn’t perfect on all of them – but I am assured they get the job done!


Don’t forget to check them out! 

I believe in making things accessible and work hard to keep price points low for the 30-minute test series I am developing. 

The Alphabet album collected webinars

As well there is a wonderful collaboration of people working hard on the “Alphabet Album” so if you want to help raise voices that have amazing things to say and share – and learn and enjoy too consider becoming a founding purchaser of the album to support this awesome initiative (and save yourself a bunch of money on individual purchases too) you can buy that now too!


What People Are Saying About the Alphabet Album

“I really love what you are doing and want to support you all.”  Abby S


 “An affordable way to learn from high quality instructors”

Andrea Woodcock

“Everyone involved in this project has a message and this platform is helping those messages be heard. It has been an incredible experience working with all these brilliant people to elevate these messages.”

Ameera Skandarani

“As honoured as I am to have the opportunity to share some accumulated wisdom, I’m even more excited to be a student. Without question, this is an “everybody wins” project!”

Kathryn Harvey

“I am so excited about this new platform for webinars! Amazingly talented group of speakers and fantastic price point. Definitely not to be missed!”

Jill Stoller

About Andrea

I help handlers and their animal companions find the joy in training and competing together... and being the best they can be! 

Whether you struggle with mental prep, planning, goal setting, or something else, together we will get your sails set the direction you want to go.