Sometimes things just kind of sneak up on you. Facebook reminded me today that Yen arrived 7 years ago today. I don’t think I blogged about her arrival then – though she is very present in the blog, as she is in life at the farm.

Yen with my muddy boots

She’s feisty, fierce and a tiny package of love. Fluffier than heavy people are often surprised that she only weighs 6.5 pounds and is, under all that fuzz, smaller than Thea was.

Yen hanging out with Wiser and me.

She’s adopted me, hook line and sinker. If I am sitting down she is in reach. If I am lying down she’s touching me. If I am in the barn or riding she’s watching me, or for me. There are other people in her world. She likes a few of our friends and tolerates more. She loves my mum and Big T but I, to misquote e.e. cummings, am her sun and moon and stars.

Yen and Andrea
worth noting all these lovely photos are thanks to Whitfield photography!

It’s an impressive responsibility connecting to this tiny weight. She’s a busy, bright and active soul who needs to be doing things. Ideally things with me. Of all the dogs here she is the one who will not miss doing chores with me, even though horses scare her a little. Training? She’s always game to learn and to teach, and I am ever grateful to her for buffering some of the grief of the losses of the past few years. We’ve lost Wyn, Brody, Frannie and Thea since her arrival in dogs alone.

Yens reminds me daily that living large, living strong and making time for the things that matter is important. Her motto might well be “Game On!”. She is an extraordinary dog and an amazing soul. It’s been a wonderful seven years. May there be many more!