Yen came into our life by fluke .. I was missing Wyn  and a friend saw a little one in need of a foster home on  Facebook. A Zuckerberg dog through and through, she landed and stuck here. She was the public face of my participation in the Play course and did a super job teaching me how to blend rewards and play. 

After Brody I don’t think I have ever been as sure as fast that a dog would not be leaving us. (When I agreed to take her I really hoped she might be the perfect second dog for Mum. Now? Hands off Ma!) Perhaps it’s her sad history of bouncing from home to home. Perhaps it’s the glee she finds in play. Maybe it’s her cute little face although it’s not usually my favourite look. 

She’s too small, too anxious, too hard to house train (tho it’s better – much better) and the wrong breed (not that I have clue what the right breed is mind you).

As  far as I can tell, if she does agility, she will be the first Toy American Eskimo to do so in the AAC- though there are 98 American Eskimos with AAC numbers – I’m sure some are toys. There are 53 chihuahuas registered, only one with an ATCH. By comparison Sally and Brody are All Canadians, over 300 dogs of that “breed” have their ATCHs.

Will she do agility? She certainly will at home – I have no real sense of if she’ll want a competitive career in the sport though! She thoroughly enjoyed her first exposure to it in a tunnelers class this fall. 

She is fearless, bold, saucy, engaging, interested in life and a great snuggler. Like all of the rest of the dogs here I would likely not have chosen her as a member of the permanent crew however I’m delighted Fate had something else in mind.