It’s time to revisit one of my very favourite topics. Taking Action.

It’s great to discuss thinking and planning. Dreaming and believing. Reflecting and reviewing. But. Without DOING there isn’t much purpose in any of the other pieces.

We all love to collect information. Information gives us power. Information makes us feel like we are doing something. And information has its place. Collect away. Do so with an eye to how, and when, you want to use the information though.

Every time you learn something – apply it. Maybe not completely. Maybe not quite the way the dispenser of the info expects but give it a whirl. See what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised, or you might decide this is not the time to prioritize the information. You may realize that building this DOING into your routine is exactly what you need and want. Any of those options are ok.

I frequently suggest that my students test a strategy or technique and see how it works for them. Someone once said they hate tests so had a negative CER (conditioned emotional response) to the term. I suggested they experiment then. When they pushed back a little against that term we realized that it was the taking of the action that was causing the block. Doing is hard. Doing can be stressful. No matter. Without doing progress is impossible.

Doing requires a lot of moving parts falling into place at times. We need the physical, emotional, time and financial elements to be aligned to be able to take all the action we might want. BUT we can also prioritize within the elements – I have two wonderful, fun lovely puppies to train. Time and finances have conspired to make classes with either of them impossible. But I have the knowledge and ability to train at home myself – so this is what we do. And, we are having a great time. I could spend so much time spinning about not have 4 hours a week to go to class that I did no training but teaching skills and having fun matters to us all. So we use the physical and emotional energy needed and make it happen.

2023 was a year here – we lost many friends, including a massacre of our chickens and darling Yen. I broke my humerus Jan 15 which truly impacted the entire year. I ended the year with my first (and hopefully last) case of COVID. To be frank in many ways it was a bit of a write off of a year. That said, Big T acted in his first two plays – The Crucible and then he played Santa in Miracle on 34th Street. We had visitors and helpers (thank you!!) and got away on two mini road trips – Sudbury and Gettysburg. The treatment centre work continued to teach me and push me to grow and be my best self. The horses enjoyed whatever time I found for them, laid up or not. I did a neat little series of classes with Peggy Horan, Alexandra Kirkland and Quirk.

And Salem and Leo found us. If you follow me on Instagram (@devareharri) you have been watching their journey. What joy they have brought us – truly (so far) delightful easy puppies .. I’ll write more about them later … in fact, I came here today to write about them but the first part of this blog was sitting in drafts so I thought it a fitting topic for the first day of 2024.

May your 2024 challenge you without breaking you, may you have as many wins as losses and may you always remember that collecting information – from mentors, partners, mistakes and experiences helps you be your best self. Do the thing, My word for 2024 is Renewal – I’d love to know if you’ve picked a word and I am looking forward to sharing my progress with you.

My amazing VA reminds me regularly to let you know how you can learn more with me, and how we can support each other – today I am going to encourage you to follow me on Insta – @devareharri – I post quite regularly there and it’s a wide-ranging look at life here without pressure. is always a good place to explore -even if I don’t keep it quite as up-to-date as I’d like.

Happy New Year!!