Valiant and Andrea

I don’t know when the last time I posted here was – I deliberately didn’t look before starting this blog but I know it hasn’t been as frequent as I, or you, would like. Sigh. That’s what a lot of loss and hard work does to a soul I suppose. But that’s ok. This blog has existed for well over a decade now, it’ll take more than a gap to kill it!

How am I resetting? Well, I’m writing and working, and thinking and talking to friends and playing with people (of all species). I pulled together 10 Team Valiant Advent boxes which sold out so fast I didn’t even get to tell you about them. That was fun, chaotic but fun. I wrote articles including my Tail End page for the amazing Horse Canada Annual. I gave my hair guy total freedom to do what he wanted and I have beautiful magenta highlights in my head now.

I’m training and teaching and doing 1:1 calls. I am moderating some webinars (including this great one of Julie’s – check it out!) and planning some of my own. I am contemplating an intensive group launch in 2023 (so let me know if you want more info). I’ll be teaching my mindfulness, pick your own path class in December too (more info here).

I’m also writing for a very cool advent project that is raising funds for Team Valiant. It’s digital and every day people who sign up for it will get a piece of writing (some from me but not all – not even half from me) from all kinds of cool animal people writing about all kinds of things. There are some cool little extras built in to it as well and I am pretty excited to “meet” some new people virtually at least. If you want to learn more about the Digital Advent Reader – or sign up for it check it out at this link! If you know a reader, or a bunch, to share the link with that would be absolutely amazing, and much appreciated.

See you sooner than it has been – I promise!! I’ve been thinking tons, which is often the precursor to lots of blogs and lives!