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Horse Canada wrote an article about the farm and I was called “the inadvertent rescuer”.  It’s the perfect title to capture the ways animals find us … and have for many years now. Working hard hand in hand with my husband Tom, and with much support from my Mum and many others,  we help a wide variety of animals every year.

Farm life

Hi there!

We started helping rescued animals a long long time ago – first driving from shelters to vets and the occasional over night foster. Then we started fostering longer term and more challenging projects – a little feral dog,  mamma cats and kittens, turtles, dwarfed guinea pigs,  a self mutilating cockatoo, some large rescues:  31 hamsters, 100 budgies, 200 guppies all leap to mind – many many species and individuals have found sanctuary and a chance at a fresh start from our home.

We’ve worked with rescues since 1994!

When we first came to beautiful Prince Edward County in 2008 we were able to start helping more diverse species.  Chickens and rabbits arrived and just before we moved to our farm we raised an orphan piglet and our first horse found us. We now live with 11 horses, and 7 chickens as well as cats, dogs and parrots.

“Andrea, aka the Inadvertent Rescuer, has provided safe haven for a variety of animals at De VareHarri  Farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and uses her skills as an educator and trainer to improve their lives.”
Horse Canada Magazine

The Horses

There are 10 horses at the farm.

4  of them are under the auspices of Team Valiant – you can read all about them and Team Valiant’s humans in the next column.

In order of arrival in our life  the other horses here:

Quirk: a  feisty fabulous buckskin pony mare – she was likely born in 2006.

Harri: a large grey gelding born around  2004 he was known as Mr Neurotic at first but he has settled into a great friend.

Maggi: this solidly built sweet black mare was  probably born in 2010. She is a pleasure  to work with.

Red: a stunning chestnut gelding Red retired here thanks to his human – we think he was born in 2001 or so and he takes his job as farm greeter very seriously.

Rodeo: a fancy strawberry roan pony  while we aren’t sure how old he is (quite possibly the oldest equine here)  – he sure is full of  character and knows what he wants.

Wiser:  is still learning how life at the farm works. This handsome schoolmaster is learning to make horse friends while we do some rehabilitation work. He is a 1999 model!

Team Valiant

In the fall of 2013  “Team Valiant,” was formed. It’s a global band of people passionate about making a difference in the lives of those in need. We met  largely through Facebook networking, and work together to raise funds to support animals in need of help. 5 horses currently have permanent  sanctuary at the farm.

Valiant the group’s name sake horse arrived emaciated and near death. The community rallied to save Val and through a slow careful process he doubled his body weight and joined a whole lot of people together. He has some on going health concerns  which we work hard to manage. Valiant passed away in 2020. We miss him.

Aldwyn was the next to join the team.  A terrible case of cellulitis and a wild attitude meant that he was difficult to treat and expensive. He continues to be both a little accident prone and full of character!

Mysterious Code found herself in a feedlot -for a second time and her situation was grim. She was lice infested and under weight on arrival but quickly rallied.

Huey is the baby of the team . Much loved he was orphaned young and the least successful race horse here! His humans did not want to see him slip though cracks due to his sensitivities so asked if we would take him on.  He is our entertainer and a sweet sweet soul.

Big  Deeds was a very successful racehorse who somehow fell on hard times. He was sent to auction and found his way here – thin and with an engorged hind leg. He has many scars  and is prone to flare ups of lymphangitis.  Kind and gentle he is a welcome addition to the team.

Prince Edward County, Ontario

Our farm is nestled in the heart of Prince Edward County

While you’ll sometimes hear me refer to “the county”  as Mudville, Nowhere,  I say that with a great deal of affection as it truly is a paradise.

The agricultural community is strong – and varied – you’ll find farmers with hundreds and hundreds of acres in use, and small specialty farms as well! With lots of road side stands and home made products foodies have found a place to love!

With art galleries, vineyards, gorgeous beaches, and great biking to be had there really is something for everyone here.

It’s a historically  rich community as well with many interesting museums that capture maritime and Loyalist history .

Want to see regular updates?

Team Valiant has a Facebook page you can like to see new videos, photos and learn more about the individual horses.