I had the opportunity to chat about growth mindsets with the talented, positive, and fun, Trudi Dempsey, at the end of November. She released that podcast episode today!

You can listen to it here.

Trudi’s podcast is called Lead a Horse to Water. It’s focused on evidence based equine training and behaviour (right up my alley).

I just LOVE that Trudi realized looking at the human side so early on would be informative and important for her listeners. But that’s Trudi – thoughtful, smart and capable.

The examples are (mostly) equine in nature, but the principles apply to canine and general life, as so much of what I teach does. I so enjoyed the podcast and forgot to apologize on air for the parrots joining in, and the dryer buzzer going off because I was so engaged in the conversation I barely heard them! Sorry now as you’ll hear them if you listen!

Trudi said she was nervous about asking me to chat. What? This concept still shocks me. I am ALWAYS nervous doing a podcast but I love doing them and am delighted to chat about anything.

Trudi was a great interviewer. Super questions, super contributions and she did a great job bringing me back to the questions when the rabbit holes I went down got too deep!

The last question was about where to go to learn more and I promised to share some linkies here – So … without further ado:

Bene Brown on Empathy (the video I referenced in the chat! A well spent three minutes of your life – I promise)

Intersections Between Resilience, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness this is a little on demand webinar for $4.99 that takes half an hour to listen to or watch and was created to support the creation of the Alphabet Album – there are about 20 spots still available and it’s an easy way to learn more about the concepts we discuss.

When life is kicking one of my blog posts with some constructive ideas for moving towards a growth mindset.

My podcast list – lots of planning, gratitude and being positive – snoop around – enjoy!

Unlearning Webinar Kirsten Neumann Stephens, Ayoka Bubar and I did a webinar as part of the Alphabet Album. It’s a fascinating look at how to actually change your thinking process to move towards something like positive training. Feedback has been amazing for it and I’d love to see more people pausing to think, as they move to do!

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the podcast – go ahead and review it, share it, and don’t forget to tell your favourite podcast person if you’d love to hear them chat to me! I’d love to chat with them!

Thanks friends, stay safe and take care of yourselves!

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