I have been hard at work on one of my FDSA courses. (And the NaNoWriMo challenge – but that’s another post!)

Unleash Personal Potential is what I called the course many moons ago when it was first developed. It was designed to be a “handler’s choice” class for mindset work and it was quite successful as a gold only class. I haven’t run it since January of 2018. Gold only classes take a lot of FDSA resources for not all that much return so as I was looking at classes I wanted to run in the 2019 calendar year I realized that the mindset, mindfulness piece mattered and there was indeed a way to run it as a mindfulness class that would have relevance for everyone at all levels.

Not sure what mindfulness is? Covered.

Wondering how on earth it can help you in dog/horse training? Oh, we look at that too. Really want it for work or life? Well, that’s OK too. Honestly.

Everyone wins when you give your mindset some energy and attention.

Want practical tools to help you put mindfulness into your life? Well, there is a 42 Day Challenge for you to experiment with over the course. I’ve done the heavy lifting and you get to see how various implementation feels for you.

We’ll be looking at the core assumptions of mindfulness, doing some work on breathing, considering attitudes impact on mindfulness and so much more. Lectures and activities, discussion and practice are set up for every week. This is the kind of class students return to again and again.

Actionable, accountable and purposeful work is what you’ll get from me, no matter if you are a gold student (sold out – thanks so much!) silver or bronze. The FB study group has some fabulous support ready to work hard with you too. You are worth the work, this I am sure of. I hope you can join me in Unleash Personal Potential!