Two of my dear, wonderful, and brilliant Fenzi Dog Sport Academy colleagues have new books out and available to order now.

Deb Jones, yes that Dr. Deb Jones of Focus fame, has a new book on cooperative care out called, fittingly enough, Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress Free Husbandry.

This book matters. For pet people, sports people and everybody in between. It is a systemic approach to make handling your dog easier – and it gives you more confidence in the process. Now if that isn’t a win/win I am not sure what is! Dora and I work on handling every single day. Read that again. Every. Single. Day. If you are silly brave enough to bring a feral dog into your home it becomes your responsibility to teach them that handling isn’t a death sentence. Even with that daily work and play Dora benefits and continues to improve with planned cooperative care activities. Buy the book!

Hannah Branigan, yes that Hannah, wrote a book. Awesome Obedience: A Positive Plan For Obedience Success. Knowing Hannah, and having had the fortune to see a few pages of the book here and there too, I can assure you that there is nerdiness, humour and fantastic advice dolloped out in every chapter. Hannah gets the struggle is real. She understands that we are human and our dogs deserve our very best. I don’t compete in obedience and, lord I hope she doesn’t read this, could care less how my dogs sit and I am ordering a copy – that’s how good I am sure it will be!

You didn’t want to do anything but read and train in the heat of summer, or dead of winter depending on what hemisphere you live in right? Good – we are happy to fill your time! And yes – spread the word, share the links .. these books will be priceless additions to your library.