And yay look! (Well I have no idea if we’ll be able to see once I hit publish) Word press has changed it’s blogging platform. I think I’ve blogged before that changing the blog was one of my big blocks to setting up this site. Apparently it was a reasonable thing to worry about! But here we are so we will soldier on!

Very grateful to have a “B” key back!

Writing writing and more writing were the watch words for the last 6 weeks – I launched Gratitude Matters 2.0 edition and am thrilled to be able to offer another 365 days of gratitude reminders randomly through the day. The collaborative communities are much more active this session already which is lovely to see and as always happens experience has been a good teacher – so combined with the reminders there are some specific prompts, lovely images and “wisdoms” sprinkled throughout. Its a good positive proactive thing I love facilitating and participants are getting lots out of quickly.

Then a workbook I had started last year got finished. Buy it here if you’d like or read more about it. Love the One You Are (Digging Into This Year with Gusto!) It is not about gratitude directly though of course that’s sprinkled through it. Rather it’s a road map to ensure you continually pause, reflect and give yourselves an opportunity to grow. It provides a framework for assessing your goals and achievements as well as a chance to learn tools to help you be the best you possible. I am pretty proud of this little workbook and quite sure people will find it useful and helpful.

Two copies were purchased by two people the first day they heard about the book – one for them and one for a friend – I thought that was so generous and thoughtful I grabbed a page from them. If I know a book is a gift I am going to gift a second copy to someone else! The first two beneficiaries of this were pretty darn excited to open that email I tell you!

Sally. Ever happy when I listen more than I talk!

When I write I listen first. What do my students need? What do they want? How can I marry these things clearly and effectively? It’s a little like my training time with the dogs and horses here … I listen much more than I speak or do. It seems to be working for all us – human and not!

Mr Neurotic (aka Harri) taught me to listen better than I knew I could.

Ever grateful for your support and encouragement – may 2019 be your year in every positive way possible!