While I am not quite ready to launch the whole shebang I want to get September dates, and the overall concept out there so you can start thinking and I can ease into this FUN stuff  that will make our heads hurt and our hearts full!

What inspired this concept?  YOU did. And wanting to help the most people possible and realizing that my “high touch” classes and private rates were out of reach for some people – wanting to help YOU work through the concepts and notions that are HARD and yet make a real difference in life … I will commit to getting the next month’s registration  with dates and times out on the 15th of the previous month – and you can hold me to it!! 

Ready?   Here we go!!

Big Ideas- Small Space- Awesome Results

More Than A Webinar- because you deserve to be heard

Join me and up to nine other participants in a safe and private space for a live and interactive discussion on a topic that matters to you.

Questions and discussions, your case studies and solutions are the focus of the session; slides, information and stories are sure to be part of each chat too.   You will get a reading (not long) and some reflective questions to consider when you register. As well, you can save the chat roll from each session for your own personal use and get a copy of slides used.

Cost: $25 Canadian and when the spots are gone my not very automated system should  NOT let you sign up!

Times are expressed in Eastern Standard Time – and vary so that as many people as possible can participate!

Questions?  Please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Sept 3 (11 am) Using your super power to rock your training: anxiety, perfectionism, obsession, overthinking – whatever it is … it can enhance your performance!

Identifying and Making the Most of your Strengths to be the best partner possible – bring  your quirks to the table and we’ll make them work FOR not against your goals!

Woohooo  — had to come update and take the register button OFF the page – first day is DONE and it was fabulous.  As always there were a couple of first day glitches but I am ever grateful to the first day sell out group for their patience, great questions and super ideas! 
We sorted out a few things – they got two packages (cognitive distortions and cognitive flexibility)  before the event and I prepared just a few slides (which we didn’t actually use)  that I will send out later tonight  … that way there is lots of information and a framework for the people who can’t make it but the incentive to get to the live event is high too – I think it will work and if it doesn’t – so be it – we will adapt!! I am feeling much more confident and even more excited about these sessions and can’t wait for the next one …  there are only 5 spots left in that one so sign up soon if you are planning on joining us! I really hope you do!

Sept 21 (8 pm EST) Trials – putting nerves where they belong to help you focus on success

Nerves happen – what can you do to make sure you are the one controlling them – they aren’t controlling you?  Physical, Emotional or Social impacts can all affect your game – how are your nerves sabotaging you and what can we do about it? Let’s put your nerves to work!

Sept 25 (6 pm EST )Tips for Using Your tool box well – when where and how! Practice makes perfect and all that jazz!

What tools are you using? What tools need to move up? What tools do you need to practice and which have you always wanted to know more about? This is the space to figure out how to use your OWN tools for the most impact!

Upcoming Topics


  • You Know you Need it: Finding and Creating motivation that lasts
  • Managing That Green Eyed Monster: envy and jealousy in our life
  • When it just sucks – handling a show/seminar that goes badly!


  • Being Positive in a Negative and Confusing World
  • Mismatches happen: making the most of life with the “wrong” dog
  • Navigating friendships in competitive situations


  • Breeding and Adopting- finding your next companion without guilt and less stress
  • Anticipatory Grief – what is it and what can you do about it?
  • How your personality impacts your communication/training style


  • Vision boards, confidence corners and other ways to find inspiration
  • Jan Confidence- Creating it- Keeping it
  • Jan Social Media: Pleasure or Peril, making the most of it!

Also coming  (In no particular order!) :

  • Coping with Loss – Grief is real 
  • Teaching Online
  • The Authentic You – in training, showing and life
  • Dream Life vs Real Life: the comparison trap
  • Creating safe spaces: at work, home or in life
  • Puppy Pressures: breeders, littermates – is the whole world is watching you?
  • Our Aging Friends: goals and reality meet
  • Conflict at a show .. or lesson
  • The Joy (or not) of teaching

Do you have ideas for things you’d like us to cover? Let me know!!