yep –  I did TWO podcast interviews in relatively short order …

and then started this post – and left it sitting in draft form way too long …

the first podcast was Hannah Branigan’s:  Drinking from the Toilet  (yes THAT Hannah Branigan!). Probably the best name ever for a podcast about dog stuff eh? It was a riot – Hannah wants a sitting around the dining room table tone for the conversations so she didn’t share the questions ahead of time although we did bounce around some different topics to discuss. We covered a whole lot of stuff – and we laughed and talked over each other some. Whoops!  But there is a wide range of material in it – and I really appreciated the opportunity to talk to Hannah (we had NEVER spoken to each other before the podcast – which truth be told made us both a little nervous to start.)

Podcast link – HERE … but I had to share the cover too – Hannah picked that lovely Len Sylvester Photo with no prompting from me at all <3 nbsp="" p="">

Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

Then the lovely Melissa Breau  interviewed me for the FDSA podcast. More fun was had, by me anyhow, and Melissa didn’t have to work too too hard on the editing board.

We talked a lot about the human half of the team. In any sport – not just agility.
You can listen to that podcast HERE … or read the transcript if you prefer – warning – I say “right” a LOT!

I have no idea of the reach of either podcast – and to be honest I don’t much care – if I was able to give one person an idea to test that will help them be the best partner they can be for their dogs I am happy.  I suspect I might have given a few more than two people some ideas though!

Give em a listen … tell me what you think – help me do a better job if I get another invite ever!