When you ask me what you’d do and then do the complete opposite that’s your prerogative  … your right … your choice …

Ask me often enough and ignore what I say, suggest, and/or recommend you run a pretty serious risk of getting written off as an askhole …people who ask questions for the sake of hearing themselves talk not for the sake of listening to the answers,

Sampson listens well. 

I enjoy discussion, I love conversation, I appreciate opposing points of view but when it comes to keeping your animal companions as healthy as possible I don’t offer my point of view casually or lightly – I offer it, more often than not with explanation, for a reason.

Little people are on lead line here. Period,. Don’t like it? Get off. 

That reason is to protect you, and your animal partner. And, your relationship.

Winning big ribbons at Nationals

Asking animals to do more than we would do ourselves in similar circumstances (work through sickness say) is not thoughtful or kind, or relationship building. Asking them to do what we might CHOOSE to do ourselves (run when sore is a good example) is a clear statement about hierarchy and power. They don’t get to choose in that situation,  they are stoic and amicable and want to do what we want them to.

Stop asking me for advice and change the conversation to self justification … you may not feel better but I will ….

Soap box away., for now!