Because I just, with a great deal of pushing, prompting and editing from my co-author, just wrote  a little book on gratitude to help you find yours!
Written with animal sports people in mind there is lots to think about and even more to DO!

The Page is called Love The One You Are (With)   which is the title of the book  so hopefully that is a logical name for it!

You probably will find it a pretty good investment of $10 (Canadian even!) and I am quite positive you’ll like the images and ideas. When you buy the book you get added to the Love The One  FB group too – always a fun way to find like minded supportive and often amusing people!

We are doing final final edits but go ahead and order yours today … we will be able to send them out in plenty of time to kick start 2017 on a great foot – if you want to get one  as a present for a friend just include that in a note with their email and we’ll be happy to send it along to them 😀