we added another 1825 to the count that totals over 5000 days of living with Brody.

He’s very blind, and pretty deaf, and sleeps-a lot.

He’s 16 and both fills and breaks my heart daily now.

He still hates being groomed … and I worry about him hurting himself torquing away from me so his legs are matted and long…sigh

He loves his meals and loves to be with us – it’s pretty weird leaving him in the house when we go for walks and to town but it’s easier for him. We walk around the  yard together every day and that’s often quite the adventure for him – tall plants, hills, rocks all stop him sometimes.

He is game – he is so very game … He falls down, and up,  the backyard steps (not house stairs he is carried for them now) and shakes it off then comes at them again … I really should get a clip of him doing the stairs – he is super man about them – bing bang bounce in impressive leaps (unless he crashes). He eats as if every meal might be his last – lying flat on the floor savouring each bite gleefully.

I miss my constant sidekick when I’m outside (and here I’m out or working online or asleep pretty much) but Brody is nearly always asleep at my feet if he can be. I miss my fabulous training buddy – what a  play dog he was.

I am so very glad to have my teacher, my friend, still with me. If ever there was a dog to remind you that they are partners in the journey – that forcing your will on them is not going to be fun – Brody is that dog. That Love the One you Got dog … he was willing to do so much together that he probably wouldn’t have chosen to do (agility, media, humane ed and more) but doing it with respect for him was important.

Regionals, qualifying for Nationals and picking up pretty ribbons every time we went

Happy Birthday dear Brody. I wish you all the good, always.