Yesterday it was about giving your animal partners time off. Today it is  the concept of  “self training”.  I don’t mean training at home on your own. (Though that can have issues too – nothing like some objective eyes to help keep you moving forward)  I mean the concept that the dogs trains themselves. By magic. Without your input. The Miracle Method,  Passive Training. I don’t care what you call it – it isn’t going to work by and large.

Osmosis is one thing – but there has to be something to build on, and from.

Playing Training is a partnership. A dance. A dialogue.

It’s’ relationship, engagement,  call it what you will  Dogs and horses cannot possibly figure out what we want and train themselves.

Yes lots of what we build on is instinctive ( sports like barn hunt and herding are obvious – but the concept is much bigger – moving away from pressure, wanting to be with us are just two examples) but without a facilitator to explain the rules how on earth can the team work as a whole? They can’t.

Period. Full Stop.

If you expect ribbons and glory – heck if you just expect specific behaviour it’s YOUR job to invest time in making sure that behaviour is known, cue-able and fluent,  Your JOB I tell ya. Hope you are listening!