ALL the quizzes.

All over facebook:
What kind of storm are you?
What’s your best feature?
What’s your spirit animal?

You get the drift.

It made me think what a great quiz what kind of trainer are you would be.

What adjectives would you apply to yourself? To trainers you’d like to emulate? If they are different words consider why they are different. Here is a good place to put positive self talk into practice. You might say you are soft – another person might see you as kind. You might label yourself indecisive while someone else might see the same trait as willing to experiment.

If you aren’t seeing yourself in a positive light have a good hard look at the words you have chosen. What is the best  aspect of the word you have chosen? How can you build on that aspect until you feel more positive about your word choice?

Let’s say I call myself lazy as a trainer. (Actually I tend to think of myself as a lazy trainer). What’s the plus to being lazy? Training sessions are short and sweet. I don’t want to waste time or energy so I put a plan in place before I start work. I set goals for the vast majority of sessions, and as I don’t want to repeat things needlessly I take either pen and paper or mental notes on how things go. See? I’m not lazy. I’m efficient. Truth!

So what kind of trainers are there? The list is endless – but here’s my take on just three types. See yourself? See other people? (and here I’m going to pretend that only positive or at least mostly positive trainers exist in the world – my blog – my rules)

The superstar trainer.  They get the fine art of training. The science. They may tackle issues in different ways and have different areas of expertise but they are superstars in their own right. The superstardom may be local, national or international but they are magnets. They attract people and can make you BELIEVE.

The hard working pet dog trainer. They have a school, or not. They do stuff with their dogs, or not. They get frustrated by the same old same old issues and the people who think they can teach everything their puppy needs to know in one hour once a week in a group class.

The personal trainer. They have purpose but life sometimes gets in the way. They play sport(s) with their dog(s).  They like learning and they like teaching. Some are better than others. Some are more competitive than others. But they have commonalities. They take classes. Often with superstar trainers. Often with a variety of superstar trainers. They can get a bit desperate at times trying to achieve sometimes elusive success. They often work hard in spurts. Consistency can be missing at times.

All good people. All doing good things. All with laudable individual characteristics.

What kind of trainer are YOU? What kind of trainer do you want to be?
The first step to getting there is figuring out where you are now.