Today I hosted a smelly workshop at the barn … such a good environment to gently test commitment  – pigs, horses, cattle, chickens … you name it they can smell it. So far the dogs in all four workshops have come, had a look around and acclimated very quickly. Every dog has worked scent though not always as well as in a familiar place.

I love groups like this – dogs know the game, handlers know the game but teams need a confidence boost and a reminder about what I think are the fundamentals (timing and reward placement). We did a handling circle, then a double row, then a room search in a tack room. The group brought lunch – so so yummy and generous of them! Then we went back to work introducing the vehicle search.

As usual I started simply with a very obvious find on a very simple wagon. Then we moved onto the old tractor and finished with a horse trailer. SO MUCH FUN!