So many wonderful dogs out there .. but one less today than yesterday.

photo was found on FB for human’s Biz – DogGone Right!

My friends and family have amazing, talented dogs who make their heart sing  and I appreciate and enjoy them all .. sometimes though one gets a little bit of my heart and I’m not even sure how it happens. Every time I hear a loved pet has gone I am so very very sad for the people and families that lived with those dogs (or cats). Usually I feel sadness, pat my dogs, post a public commiseration and send a more personal heart felt one. (You may recall I have too much experience with grief).

I miss those dogs, but not the way I miss one I have lived with or taken care of for periods of time. Except sometimes. And those sometimes feel so very very awful I am grateful my response to friend’s animal’s deaths are not always as visceral. Today is one of those days (and there have been others – Killian, Mouche, Kaylie and more). The coolest doodle I have ever known, and I have known a fair few, is no more.

Molly is gone. Dead. Deceased. My grief is palpable and it shocks me.

Molly was a wonder dog – have no doubt of that. She also had a human of her own who adored her and played games with her. Molly didn’t need me to love her. She had lots of love of her own. Likely even more love than some of the crew who have laid their head here. Molly had an Angel to play with and snooze with and smell all the good things together. Molly had a Good Life once she and her human connected.

My grief is partly selfish today. Understanding I won’t see Molly again is beyond my comprehension right now. To imagine not throwing multiple balls for her (she and Wyn adored racing around chasing as many balls as I could throw) is unimaginable.

Be good to those you love. Visit those you love. Let those you love know you love them. Molly I wish I could wow you with ball throws just once more. I wish I could comfort your human in any way that would make a difference. Instead I will grieve your loss. What a good dog Molly.