so spice it up friends – spice it up!

Dog notices start lines?
use cones, use cinder blocks, use snooker flags, use tape on ground poles as a chute, whatever you cna think of that’s different – use it!

Dog has only ever seen one kind of jump?
WHY? change it!
 use a flower box under it
 blocks on it
poles that aren’t evenly set
a sweater over it
a tarp under it
use cones as standards
books as standards
chairs as standards
pool noodle poles
broom handle poles
stripy poles,
rope as poles
anything goes

whatever is takes – change it

change it safely but change it – don’t leave an aframe in the middle of your ring all summer cause it’s the easy place – either move the frame or move the ring 😉  (this is just as true for horses as dogs people!)

I want my animals asking how high, how hard, how far not what the heck is that.

If my at home versions are a little Red Green so be it. We all have fun.