Yup sometimes I’m a total askhole. I apologize.

Urban dictionary defines askhole as  “Someone who asks many stupid, pointless, obnoxious questions.”

I’d add this element to it – asking questions only to completely ignore the answers! Might as well just use google if that is the plan. 

If advice is all that is wanted with no intention of taking action I am going to start saying that. 
If I already know what I want to do I am going to say so. 
If I am seeking validation rather than advice I am going to say so. 

If I just need a listening ear I am going to say so. When I listen I want to feel like a part of the conversation. 

I am getting a little tired of being on the receiving end of askholes too – but they do remind me to struggle not to be one myself so I am grateful to them.  A good problem solviong conversation should look like this

I am determined to do my part to make it so! Strategies to redirect askholes welcome 😉