I am not a crier. Certainly not in public. Not even in my house. Occasionally in my car but that’s it unless they are tears of rage.

This week I keep tearing up. Sad tears.

I have a very very happy low stress life at the moment so the tears are aggravating me even as they make sense.

It might just be a week of endings …. and I can’t wrap my head around either potential one.

Spot On is holding it’s last agility trial on Saturday and my heart is breaking just a little bit …. nah, a whole lot. Many happy memories, much learning, and lots of fun on the hill for me. All the dogs love the hill too, Taking great sadness and turning it to tragedy is the fact that Sally can’t walk at the moment – so running agility in four days seems entirely unlikely. To not be participating is heart breaking. To see Sally so sore I am carrying her outside is killing me.

Just a blip on the map but a pretty sad blip right now no doubt.