In many ways 2012 was a year of great growth for us- Team Agility Addict came together in some expected and unexpected ways.
With House league, and CPE last winter and Spot On Trials over the summer we had quite a bit of agility. Working on Saving Dinah was a project of growth for me personally; and being on sabbatical has been profoundly life changing so far. Raising Wyn was a challenge and an honour. Being introduced to scenting would make the year significant in and of itself.
So many wonderful teachers both human and canine, a tiny taste of Jessica Martin, coaching calls with Lynda Orton Hill (how I’d love to work with her in person!) and Susan Garret, an incredible week with Webb Anderson then the chance for feedback at a trial with him, Karin Apfel’s awesome introduction to scent detection. A year of sadness too, watching Brody age, and Sally’s health fluctuations and losing Wyn. Every year has sadness it seems; balance in everything.
Until the CPE page is updated I don’t know how many Q’s or titles we earned – but we sure (all of us!)  had fun in that venue. It was simply awesome to come back to AAC with Sally. She earned both her ADC and SGDC (the starters level titles) and a number of Qs. She had one trial that was Qless but she ran so so well through the whole season. She has always been fun to run but we have embraced the partnership aspect and work together ( one point snookers ). Looking forward to next year at advanced and masters levels.

Looks like we may be in hibernation for awhile though!