well the results are in

In her advanced gamble Sally got the second highest point score  (34)even taking out the 4 point jump… had she gotten it the twice in our plan she would have had the highest number of points. Snookers she and the other Qualifying dog earned the same number of points. (45). The tragedy of steeplechase – if the judge had felt she had only missed one contact she would have Qed. Had she caught both yellows she would have been second in the class. She’s such a good dog!

Thea earned 25 points in her opening gamble. Good little speedster! In snookers we did a blazing 9 points but an evil back jump caught us both! Whoops! Little speedster! She ran clear in steeplechase but detouring around the tire and then sniffing the ground afterwards ate too much time. She was roughly 20 seconds OT. Her slow weaves wouldn’t have helped that either … I wish I knew how much time was actually eaten at the start line!