Hitting a bump in the pursuit of happiness?
Can’t stop staring at a rock in your path?

Give yourself a break ~ you are human after all!

Give yourself time to think it through … sometimes when you start banging your head on a brick wall and it hurts too much you might not think of stopping!

After your break address the questions – why is the issue cropping up? Is it a training or management issue? Has it grown from a knowledge gap or behavioural concern? What skills are needed to address the gap?

Years of facing the same challenge is frustrating for the human part of the equation and it can’t be much fun for the dog unless the human is awfully good at faking joy.

Get as many sets of eyes on you to help you isolate the root of the issue. Decide on the musts in your plan or you may be tempted to go off the path. Make notes of progress – 2 steps forward, 1 step back is still progress! Table or contacts broken? Recall only 20%? Really doesn’t matter what the issue is – figuring out the details is going to make a difference, I promise!

Yah, Wyn’s still here – with as much drive as ever! And still occasionally biting flesh. Implementing the plan is part of daily life here.