Thanks for stopping by for a dream dinner Susan. It was nice to meet you although you being so annoyed my husband didn’t know where you lived was pretty funny – if you’d known how shocked  I was he didn’t ask you what you did for a living you might understand my amusement better. He was also wise enough to do some yummy veggie skewers for dinner – you seemed to enjoy them!

I wish we’d talked about agility a bit – but you knew much more about English poetry than I expected – and liking all poetry, I enjoyed the conversation too! You probably need a break from dog talk sometimes, glad we could oblige.

I was a little embarrassed that Sir Wyn  peed on the floor; then I was mad at myself for being embarrassed. After all he is only 7 weeks old and hasn’t had an accident in literally weeks. I obviously wasn’t paying attention… DOH dogs have such a good grip on keeping it real!

I hope everybody enjoyed your company too. This is a good house for entertaining – too bad we are moving soon or I could host regular parties!

Anyhow – feel free to pop by a dream anytime  I promise I won’t bug you with questions.