no really THANK YOU…

I don’t say it often enough
I don’t say it loudly enough
For the little things and the BIG things – THANK YOU!


Got some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes to plant because somebody thought of me – thank you AFJ!

Get to play an amazing sport, with amazing friends, because of so much support – thank you, and you, and you and you too! Trial hosts including Spot On, judges, volunteers, coaches, training halls (especially All About Dogs) and training partners it wouldn’t be possible without you. Merci beacoup! If I started listing people the music would start playing me off stage ….

Get great blogs to read and laugh and cry along with – thank you for writing and sharing! There are days your posts have my brain thinking all day!

Have a truly supportive (if tiny) family – who not only go along with my craziness but actively support it and enrich it- my gratitude knows no bounds! Words fail me.

Have wonderful rescue partners who work tirelessly to help animals in so many different ways and are truly inspirational. I’ve worked with, and for, many different agencies over the years Project Jessie is my first love – and the people who work with and volunteer so much time provide a bedrock that keeps me grounded. SHY, JA, LL, LW, and you all have pushed me past anything I would ever have thought possible.

Am so deeply grateful – and so frustrated by my own thoughtlessness. Please accept this bouquet as a small token of appreciation!

(I think it’s pretty self evident I am very grateful to the gang here for everything they give me so selflessly to help me learn, laugh and grow – if you didn’t know that – now you do!)