Always easy to backwards map if you know your end goal …

I never rarely know my end goal.  So sometimes I have to just pick one.

67 days from now is the Eastern Ontario Regionals.

With a push, or two, or three, I have decided to enter Sally in the regionals element of the weekend. Considering letting Brody play in the jumpers and standard warm up courses, or maybe steeplechase.

Now I have something specific and tangible to work for.

Was already working but this may bring things into focus a bit.
What I won’t do is decide there are skills I need in early June and then drill drill drill them into the dogs. So many people work their dogs so much harder than I would ever want to.

Every day we will play together. About every other day we will do fitness play and on the other day we will do some skill work. We will take some days off anybody’s version of work and have a straight  play day.

I will work on my own strength and fitness separately to the dogs (started sit ups yesterday – have been doing a light workout in the weight room at work twice a week for a couple of months).

This week I will identify new skills I’d like to build between now and then. I already have a few on the list ..

let’s get the party started!!