Some one I have a great deal of respect for pointed out on a FB thread that those of us doing what many of ‘us’ do are the “1%” of dog people.

By that I think she meant educated, committed, self aware, societally conscious, and with highly defined moral values when it comes to our animal friends.

She posits that simply knowing not to buy a dog from a mill does not put you in the one percent. I would hope that is true but I’m not sure. I bet it puts you in at least  the top 10 percent or so (at least if you expect any comprehension of why mills might be problematic!)

Understanding that a dog is a commitment for life puts somebody into a pretty elite echelon in my experience.
Thinking about vet care, diet puts a person up right up there. Using the thinking you’ve done to have informed discussions and chose a diet puts you even further up the scale. (Never vaccinating or feeding any diet because you heard it was the best but know nothing about the pros and cons of either slides you down the scale ~ at least  to my mind).Training, using positive methods, slides you right back up the scale again.
Making choices in your life to have dogs as companions and partners not just commodities, working to understand their needs (both emotionally and physically) and offering them enrichment and security  all combine to a pretty unusual attitude towards dogs.

Sad isn’t it?