we start the journey to Nationals …

five more sleeps til we stand on the start line

I’m in a nice position in many ways – no great expectations ..

Brody is feeling this heat and I’ve let up on his fitness a little as it’s just too hot to push too hard
Sally hasn’t seen an aframe since mid June so all that lovely work we did has had time to percolate (I hope).
Looking forward to watching people and dogs I’ve only read about
Looking forward to hanging with Brody and Sally (and Quiz as of right now – anybody want a perfect puppy ~ even just for a weekend?)

Sally is doing beautiful start line stays, lining up nicely on the line and doing weaves, jumps and tunnels in beautiful relaxed form …

I need to read a bunch of gamblers maps and practice maximizing points in the opening ..I really hold the dogs back in that class  – always have….