Games were entertaining … We started with the snakes course – up and down and round and round … dogs were happy and Sally got her aframe
Next was a round the clock game which I adapted from Clean Run’s Book of Games …
two tables were out and there were obstacles all around the place … you got points (gamblers type points) but if you faulted you lost ALL your points .. to bank the points you had to hit the table … then the points accumulated were safe … it was very very fun to develop strategies and then run … gave me a good chance to work offside weaves with Sally too (weave, table (as you couldn’t go back to back obstacles) weave, repeat three times then go do something else)
then we ran a human jumpers with partners handling each other around the course- INTERESTING experience …being the dog was quite amazing run flat out with little idea where you are going …
next up tunnel snookers … ( the tunnel is the “red” and worth two points – if you fault in opening you can do closing anyhow) lots of fun – both dogs ran perfect paths šŸ™‚ I really should do 4 reds with Sally in aac  it works just fine – she finishes the courses with plenty of time in the few times Ive been able to try it

Last was a variation of mat gamblers … the gamble mats were laid out  already  so you jumped on the mat did whatever you could then carried on – on a basic standard course

I was busy enough judging that I didn’t pay much attention to the points but I think Sally and Brody both had moments of glory (only fitting for National qualifiers!)

It was a late night and lots of work but lots of fun too!