it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbours … so says Cyde Moore (whoever he is)

He doesn’t know just how special a lawn can look! I dragged out the teeter and the aframe and put them up on the lawn (the front lawn). they pretty much have to run into each other – they have a L shape (upside down) taking about two 15 foot strips.

Sally is suddenly starting to THINK on the aframe. Amazing. 3 visits to the lawn and I can see her starting to rock back and consider. I’ve given her LOTS of chances to make mistakes. She’s made significant one. My position is still a strong cue for her to drive down into 2o2o position but she is sticking a stay at the bottom. Should be really exciting to get all the equipment in one place! Brody has gone out once (teeter practise only) and was excellent too.

I’ll take a picture of my most excellent lawn  before I’m asked to tear it down …Big T does not like attracting attention to my kind of crazy any longer than needed!

(Did I mention I entered Regionals? I did. 2 dogs. O.M.G)