I have a pretty tight warm up routine for both Brody and Sally now .. Brody gets brought out about 20 minutes before his run – a pee, a stretch then back for a power nap then 5 minutes before his run – out for a jump or two, a little push back charging, a spin or two and then away we go …about half an hour before Sally’s run she gets a outside break: fetching and tugging and a pee break … she stays out with me until it’s time to run: hand touches, stays, right and left, maybe some crate games if the weather is gross – I keep her in focussed mode .. her routine is about 20 minutes to Brody’s 7 minutes ..I’m not looking forward to them being in the same classes (if that ever happens!)

My day(s) before routine is not nearly as defined … today was rainy, gross and I had too much to do … so I did some fun games with Brody and some self control games with Sally .. we’ll see how it works 🙂 Of course my favourite thing to do is 5 minute agility 2 or 3 times on the lawn with a couple of long off leash walks but that isn’t possible at this time of year ….