From my work web site “Weather Alert
Due to the snow storm, all Your SB schools and offices are closed to staff and students for Wednesday, February 2. All after-school and evening activities are also cancelled. The safety and welfare of students and staff is a priority during these severe weather conditions. Please visit this site again for the latest information.

My working life takes place in a large city (the fifth largest in North America) so students can often walk to school. That means, despite living in a snowy part of the world, we rarely get a snow day. So rarely it’s only happened once (a December 13) in my MANY years of teaching, like back in 1994!

That year my hubby had an evaluation so we got up extra early and dug him out. He made it to his school just in time to hear that schools were closed. It took him something like 4 hours to get to work and back – it usually would have been about 45 minutes all together.

I went to a local grocery store (walking) and bought baking stuff and made cookies all day. It was a great and memorable way to spend the day. I doubt today will be as memorable but I’m guessing I’ll be able to catch up on blogs a bit!! The dogs are already thrilled – I have weekend clothes on!