Brody is unimpressed.

Brody HATES being groomed.
Brody is a shmaltipoo in designer dog speak ~ that is – a non shedding, fast hair growing dog with a kinky, fine, matting coat.
Brody gets very matted. Eventually I hog tie and attack him with scissors and sometimes with clippers. There are many things I do reasonably well. Grooming a dog who hates being groomed, by myself, is not something I am ANY good at. (Writing grammatical sentences also surpasses my abilities frequently).
Brody and I battle over the grooming issue regularly. It takes me at least 3 sessions to get him looking at all like a dog instead of a dust ball.(And yes, after 10 years of living with him I have the positive stuff down to a fine art – he sees a pile of treats; he gets clicked and treated frequently when he doesn’t try to air bite and indimidate me; I keep sessions short and positive; I frequently practise grooming him without actually grooming him (he does know the difference though) and I have never let anybody but me hold hom for any grooming of any sort.
He had two sessions this weekend. We had agility tonight. He ran like the wind itself tonight!
Sally was a little wild tonight. She did some truly incredible jump work though. barking her fool head off as she sliced, serpentined, 180ed, 270ed, 90ed and ran bold straight lines. We worked on aframe contacts and she worked hard. We worked weaves and entries and she didn’t miss one.
Have I mentioned I live with good dogs?
I do.

oh yes – TDP (that damn puppy) is still in residence. Surely somebody needs a perfect puppy?

(Brody also hates puppies – on principle. Not quite as seriously as he hates being groomed it seems!)