Today was the second house league

Rainy, gross day but at least it wasn’t snow and ice!

Dogs were superstars – ignored in a crate basically unless they were running .. warm up was one jump done two or three times then running a course – not the way I like to warm up but ok to try for once
Brody started as slowly as he did at the trial last weekend but actually ran some nice runs

First class was a game – Snakes .. the purpose was to twist up and down the course racking up points in 60 seconds … Brody earned 45 points; Sally 38 (as she added some off course options to her run)
Second class was steeplechase Brody ran a lovely clear round and ended up in 2nd for that class – Sally had a couple of faults (a missed contact and an offcourse) so was 8th overall.
Final class was the standard run …Brody ran a faultless clear again but wasn’t bombing ..Sally was a full 10 seconds faster at 57 seconds but had 5 faults …
I enjoyed the judging too – neat way to watch dogs (though I did have to do some VERY fast table counts once or twice)
Trying to make people happy is always interesting too 🙂