Brody was back today – thank heavens as I was worried about him a little. He wasn’t foot perfect but he was enjoying life and moving much more freely.

Sorry for the lousy quality but this is Brody’s snookers course today. As you can see it was twisty through the 3 part number 6 combo!! (Which we did three times in the opening thank you very much!) Brody liked this course – it doesn’t look flowy but it was for us we just circled and crossed and circled and crossed and had fun 🙂 Nice little trick up at 4 which blew a couple of dogs minds too!
Next class was team – I hate running team as I always worry about disappointing and today Brody blew the weaves making us a whomping 3 seconds OT 🙁 I may not do team again for awhile if ever!
His last class was standard – and though he blew the weaves he was steady and thoughtful and A OK. I like the concept of the better spaced weave poles but for small dogs who have done closer ones for many years it’s tough. I’ll have to get me some I guess, and do what I did with the 21 inch ones. B just can’t hold a footing pattern yet in them.
It was a good day! I got Brody a message and he really enjoyed it – and I enjoyed chatting to the human too 🙂

Here is Sally’s steeplechase course:

What a lovely way to start a day. We had the second rail down (accelerating for the frame maybe? she rarely knocks things as she collects??) I was THRILLED with her run. The weaves were thought provoking for her – but that’s a good thing.
Next up was snookers. You never stop learning. I had a lovely doable opening planned. Sally did a red, the weaves another red and I wanted to do the weaves again. She ran over to look at the teeter – the judge thought she made contact – I didn’t think she had. We did the weaves again and got whistled off. When in doubt do the contact. She could easily have done the teeter twice (we had planned to do it next) and made the course without a hitch. DOH!! Serves me right for running such a snooker king usually!
I decided to enter starters standard to do the table and try the contacts in a trial setting. Sally was great. She didn’t get the frame contact (BOO) but she got the dogwalk nicely and the teeter nicely did a perfect table and solid weaves too. I can live with a 5 fault run for any of my dogs – for Sally in standard I’m thrilled!!

A good weekend all round … more later I’m sure