busy at work (nothing new there)
and fun agility week too –
Class was OK – dogs were good – didn’t do much of anything special – very much same warm up as last week – jump circle, teeter thing, dog walk thing and aframe weave thing – 4 stations 5 dogs in class. Course was fine too. Nothing exceptional (though Sally and Brody were great).

Had fun at the schoolhouse with Sally yesterday – weaves to tunnel/ jump thing and two jumps at a 90 degree angle – amazing how much you can do with two jumps! Brody worked hard too – and had a blast. Thea did a couple of tunnels. Sampson bounced over jumps and through tunnels and wondered what weaves were.

Today was the inaugural House League.
It was fun but it was a HECK of a lot of work to organize.
Teams. Run list. Score Sheets. Scribe sheets. Volunteer Schedule.
I sure spent more time organizing it then running dogs.

The first class was Tunnellers. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. Honest. 6 tunnels out. Nothing else. 18 obstacles. People got SO lost it was great! The only faults we got (all three dogs played) were TWICE I sent dogs to the SAME off course. DOH! So Thea and Sally wore 5 faults in that class. Thea did the chute. She thought about backing out but bravely pushed her way through 🙂
Sally had 6th fastest time even adding an extra tunnel ! HAHA. Though Brody was faster then her somehow. Huh? Did not realize that til I looked.

Next class was jumpers. Nice course with some interesting off course options. I ran good dogs. Sally ran one off course tunnel but funnily enough Brody did too. (though he picked the hard/far end). Sally was the 4th fastest dog on this course. Thea ran a nice clear run but her little legs have a lot more steps to take.

Final class was standard. Blech course to end on but made sense in terms of course building. I ran Sally til her tongue was on the floor. It was a good choice. She blew her aframe contact and jumped off the table early but that was it. I had to send her back into the weaves but that was a function of speed – blasting through a chute to weaves is tough. Brody ran a truly truly foot perfect clear run. He felt great! It wasn’t fast (Sally was nearly 5 seconds faster) but even so only 4 dogs were faster then him. (Sally was third fastest!) I don’t know why I seem so obsessed with speed in this report… I’m not .. I just find it fascinating to look at what works; doesn’t and comparing tiny dogs to long legged gazelles! Brody ran on a total of 5 faults today. Thea on 5 too (though we didn’t do standard with her) and Sally kept her total faults to 20. Not too shabby really!
Nice to have all the paperwork figured out. All I have to do next time is a volunteer schedule.

Was fun. And good practise if I am seriously thinking about hosting a trial. . . yikes