Just an amazing day here … worked in the garden in the morning – did a little distance work with Brody and a little more distance work with Sally. It went OK. (Which is good as I also mailed off an entry for a trial that includes a gamblers class for Brody – I figure I’ll use the time as practise for wracking up points in the opening in Regionals if the gamble will be impossible for him!) He actually layered out past a tunnel to three jumps and it took very little work for me to show him what I wanted. I was pretty impressed. Sally did the same thing and added tunnels both directions and weaves .. I was about 30 feet away from the furthest point .. she blows my mind!
Did some weave entries with Sally too and some one jump work by the fire. (Burning just a little of the detritus from the garden- most goes in compost but some has too many weed seeds or is just too woody). Too funny to multitask like that but she was amazing. Did a little discrimination work, by standing equidistant between the one jump and a set of 2×2 with “over” and “weave”. It took her a minute to start listening instead of assuming but she did. Good, crazy, maniacal girl. She’s sacked out now. Very peaceful.
It’s been wonderful to have an extra stolen day. It’s incredible that the weather turned out to be this phenomenal.