have I mentioned Sam is Kong OBSESSED? I’ve never seen anything quite as crazy.

Sampson had a blood test today … I’m optimistically hoping that the results will be as positive as the July test was – and he can stay off fortekor and transition from his special diet (which doesn’t entirely agree with him) to something else. I hadn’t posted about his condition much, if at all, but after we adopted him we realized part of why he was given up may have had something to do with some health issues. He peed a lot. He drank a lot. He was quite pale. Turns out he was anemic and blood work showed kidney disease. Kidneys aren’t supposed to get better- maintaining the level is the goal with kidney disease however, somehow, Sampson went from pretty grim results to perfect health results. Go figure. And cross your fingers it has maintained his EXCELLENT blood work.
He’s gained 7 pounds (and I am sure he’s lost some since the end of summer as he has missed his late meal a few night since life has gone nuts again)

He got his vaccines today too so now, if all results are good, he can try a local day care where he won’t have to play with other dogs but will have people play time and outings through the day .. would be so nice for him and me.

Sammer is tired tonight. He was pretty darn funny at the vets, it wore him right out which is fine with all of us but Sally!