Work is insane. Truly, madly crazy.

Hondo died this week. 64 years young and a force of life to be reckoned with. He stowed away on a ship to Australia when he was young and in love. He then worked in mines, tuna factories and more. Then he went to university (a first in my family) and became a teacher. he deep sea dived, was an incredible (and awarded) artist, athlete, mentor, husband, father and my uncle. 4 male mentors of mine have died this year. One in his 80’s, one in his 70’s and 2 in their 60’s. I will miss each of them very much but Hondo is the only one who has been part of my life since I was born. I adored him in a way I think only children can. With all my heart and faith and trust. I have to speak at the service for him. Not just a reading but my own writing. Wow. I need to rehearse it something fierce and get my head together.

(Thea looks insane here but she loved Hondo, and Hondo thought she was amazing – this is a picture from last Thanksgiving – just a little less than a year ago – how quickly things change eh?)

I dragged Brody, Sally, Thea and myself to agility last night. Thea didn’t end up playing but Brody and Sally did. Class started with a speed circle. Just what Sally needs – more speed!! She was excellent. Flying the course like the super star she is. I did a couple of aframes with her and a couple of one jump things then the warm up .. one was a dogwalk, jump jump tunnel jump teeter tunnel dogwalk routine – the other was a chute, table, jump, tire, weave thing. She was awesome.

I put her away and brought Brody out to play for a bit – he did two rocking courses. Gosh he’s a good boy. He went away and Sally came back out after class to try the course. She was pretty wild (10 extra hours of sleep a day while I’m working does that to a fit active dog I guess) but collecting well and listening so hard to me it was amazing. I do need to run her into the ground between now and Sunday somehow though. She has two classes and Brody has three in a cpe morning.