One of the sad things about growing up for me was how unfun mail became …
bills, notices, requests for money .. I’d bet less than 10 percent of my mail comes close to approximating fun now …

Today was different though … I got a medium sized envelope from South Lyons, MI – home of CPE.

Inside that AIRMAIL, DO NOT BEND envelope there were certificates

Thea’s CL1-R (Standard) and CL1-F (fun*) certificates arrived and so did

Sally’s CL1-S (Strategy), CL1-H (Handler) and CL1-F (fun again – how fitting!) certificates.

Thea could now, if I put initials after my dogs names, wear “Thea CL1” with pride – she’s earned all the cpe level 1 titles – at least I think that’s what the title is once they are all done

CPE only updates the website once a year if you don’t keep membership up .. but they do send the certificates as earned – very nice little pick me up today!!

I actually missed class this week – worked too late and felt too punk when I got home

Thea is home again … we haven’t done anything yet but love on her but we are all enjoying that!!

* isn’t that a great title name?