Sitting here with 10 extra minutes as I have to drop a foster kitten off at the vets for the day to have his leg staples removed. Travolta is a real cutie, solid grey with a fine featured face – and one affectionate funny sweet baby. Do I spend the time cleaning? Not when I have a session last night to report on and waffles in the freezer!

I was early enough to watch the group before us work- they are HILARIOUS. Out of control – all over the place but so much FUN! It was a riot to watch them.

Then we were up – I decided to do the warm up with Brody as he doesn’t get as much fitness work as Sally through the fall. There were three stations – one was a chute, tire, tunnel , and 3 jumps that could be run as a straight line that didn’t look like it could be … a _ I kind of thing …

another was aframe jump tunnel weaves and tunnel under the frame

the last was dogwalk, flip to tunnel jump jump turn to teeter tunnel and dog walk

the course sort of put together all these elements

Brody had no real issue on course – he saved me once the first run, reading a weird send correctly and getting the tire without much effort. The second run was one of those runs where it is just a thing of beauty – everything gelled perfectly – I was on, he was on – sheer freakin’ poetry!

I brought Sally in afterwards and she was pretty amazing too – she was over the top in some ways – barking and barking but she actually stayed focussed through the barks and did everything asked well – including weaving past toys on the ground – WOOHOO! I was almost trying to drive her batty – just walking slowly and not letting her run. Sometimes having to exert that much control and collection is good for her. She was exhausted afterwards so I know she was really working.

I then hung out too long catching up (life, love, the pursuit of happiness type stuff) and got home at midnight. Now it’s my turn to be exhausted but, like Sally last night, it feels good.

What good dogs I play with!